A New Idea

A Few Years Ago…

A few years ago, company recruited me to sell phone service and some other essential services like gas and electricity. They emphasized product quality, low prices, and involvement in a nonprofit that fed kids. It sounded awesome. It ended up being one of those “business opportunities,” and I left because I became extremely uncomfortable with how they operated. However, before I left, I had come up with an idea.

A New Way to Connect People

The My Phone Feeds Kids T-Shirt

The company gave 1 meal to a non profit that fed kids every time a customer paid their phone bill. I got the idea to put “MY PHONE FEEDS KIDS. DOES YOURS?” on a t-shirt, hoping that a few random people might ask me about it. I got the shirt and wore it to lunch at Panera with my mom, and a magician (seriously) with a big beard and suit ended up interrupting our lunch to ask me about it! “Excuse me,” he said, “I know you’re eating, but I also know you’re wearing that shirt because you want people to talk to you. How does it work?” I was so surprised that I blubbered out a rather unprepared response. On our way out, another person asked about it. This started to happen so much that my mom told me she would not go out with me in public if I wore the shirt. Clearly, this was working.

Transforming the Idea

Shirt and app real 2
My Phone Feeds Kids App and T-Shirt

After I left the company, I asked myself if there might be a way to re-purpose the shirt to support nonprofits by taking advantage of the fact that it worked so well to start conversations. After racking my brain for months, I realized we could do this by (1) making the shirts available through an app, (2) donating money from the sales to a nonprofit that fed kids, and (3) tracking donations over time from referrals that happen when people ask about the shirts by requiring referral codes to sign up. (If you haven’t seen it yet, the video below explains how it works with goofy animations and weird facial expressions 😀 ).

I figured we could start by donating 30% of the shirt cost and eventually get to 100% by getting business sponsorships to offset operating costs. At that point, we’d essentially be paying out money to get people to donate to nonprofits and giving them free t-shirts to increase their impact.

We’ve spent the past 2 years developing this idea and figuring out the best way to make it happen, so we’re pumped to share it with you now! We’re currently working on promotion and building some new features we’re quite excited about. 🙂

How to Get Involved

If you like this idea and want to get involved, download the app and get your shirt using the links below

App Store link

Google play link

You can also learn more about the program we give to by going here → Maryland Food Bank and the Weekend Survival Kit program. For more info, visit our FAQ. If you are a business owner interested in becoming a sponsor or would like to get your business involved in feeding kids in Maryland, send us an email at business@myphonefeedskids.com and we’ll get that conversation started.

I’m always open to feedback or suggestions, so I would love to hear from you. Send me an email with your thoughts at luke@myphonefeedskids.com. Let’s make this world a better place, together.