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Our Mission

Our goal at My Phone Feeds Kids is to help as many people as possible by empowering YOU to impact the world. We believe it should be easy to make a difference and connect with other people who do too. Our platform demonstrates how your individual actions matter while showing how together we can accomplish more. We are committed to bringing you unorthodox and practical tools to help you improve our world. Learn more below.

Who we are

My Phone Feeds Kids Logo

My Phone Feeds Kids is a social enterprise started by Luke Justin Roberts, a former mechanical engineering student who left the PhD program at the University of Maryland to follow his dream of changing the world by empowering people and creating art. Luke worked with his dad to build the app and learn marketing from the ground up. Both are driven by a passion to make a difference in the world. Luke also makes music videos on his YouTube channel Luke Justin Roberts.

Where the money goes


My Phone Feeds Kids currently supports the Maryland Food Bank, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit hunger-relief organization that partners with communities across the state of MD to distribute food to individuals and families in need. The food bank has created many programs aimed at meeting the immediate needs of Marylanders while also working to find long-term ways to reduce hunger statewide. They have been around since 1979 and distribute more than 112,000 meals per day via 1250 food pantries throughout MD. That’s more than 41 million meals annually!

MD Food Bank Image

My Phone Feeds Kids gives specifically to the MD Food Bank’s Weekend Survival Kit Program, which gives backpacks full of food to children who don’t have reliable housing and are dependent on free and reduced lunches throughout the school year. The backpacks have enough food to get them through the weekend and a little more and the meals don’t need to be prepared or stored in a kitchen. Last year this program provided meals to 100 kids during the school year.

We use nonprofits’ websites and publicly available financial information along with Charity Navigator to vet their organizations. Charity Navigator is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that rates nonprofits by looking at their financial health, accountability and transparency, and results reporting (aka, how well they use their money). You can read more about how they do this by clicking this link:

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If there’s a particular cause you would like us to support, please tell us about it using this contact form.

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If there is a particular nonprofit you would like to see us support, please let us know using this contact form.

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Using the app

Looking for your referral code? It’s right at the bottom of the impact screen in the app. 

While you don’t have to refer anyone, the more you refer, the faster your impact will grow. Plus, social media makes it easy. Just post a picture of you wearing your shirt through the app to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. and encourage people to sign up using your referral code. 

Don’t have a referral code to enter when getting your shirt? Try to find a friend or someone online (on Facebook, on a blog, etc.) who has made their referral code public. If you can’t find one, just use 10 (that’s Luke’s referral code). 🙂

How much goes to My Phone Feeds Kids?

7% + credit card processing fees (2.5% + $0.30 per transaction) goes to MPFK to keep the lights on. Users have the option to cover these credit card fees if they wish so that more goes to the nonprofit to feed kids (most choose this option during checkout).

About the t-shirts

Are they made ethically?

Yes they are! We use Bella + Canvas shirts. This company utilizes extremely eco-conscious manufacturing (they recycle almost everything), uses zero sweatshops, and is WRAP certified. They manufacture 40% of their shirts in the US and 60% internationally, actively monitoring that 60% to make sure they meet WRAP certification standards when it comes to fair wages, working hours and conditions, discrimination, child labor, forced labor, etc. Did we mention that their facilities are solar powered? You can read more about Bella + Canvas and WRAP certification by clicking on this link:

Are they good quality/semi-stylish?

Oh yeah. These stylin’ things are 100% ringspun cotton so they’ve got a soft feel and clean, cool look. We only use shirts we’re gonna wear, so we did it right. We’re really proud of these things. 🙂

What do I say when people ask about my shirt?

Just show them the video in the “How It Works” tab in the app! You can always show them this site if that helps. 🙂

Friends, family, and even random people WILL ask you about it. It’s a killer conversation starter and a great way to meet other like minded people who want to make a difference in the world.

How often do I need to wear it?

Everyday! Just kidding. But seriously, the more you wear it, the more people will ask and get involved, and the faster your impact will increase. There is no requirement on how much you wear the shirt, but we did make it nice, comfy, and stylish hoping you’ll wear it all the time 😉 ).

I don’t want random people asking me about my shirt, is this still for me?

It is! You don’t have to wear your shirt in public if you don’t want to, and we’ve made it easy to share on social media. You just take a picture wearing your t-shirt and share it to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can still make a difference while introverting. 🙂